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Raising a Glass:

There’s nothing quite like summertime in the City of Bethlehem. Everything turns green, and flowers abound. Early mornings are met with neighbors walking, biking, running— anything just to be outside.

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Foodie Guide:

Food does more than satisfy waiting palates . It brings people together. It creates atmosphere. It enhances celebrations. It honors heritage with traditional dishes, as well as looks to the future with fantastic fusion fare.

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Get up, get out, get into town… downtown Bethlehem is the place to be.

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Services like no other abound from every corner of the city. Pull up, get out, and hand your keys to the BPA. Your beauty's in good hands. Now go have fun!

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Arts & Culture:

See a play, purchase a painting, catch a concert. Fall in love with arts and culture in the downtown. Support the arts and support a thriving community!

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Do you love local? Money spent downtown is more likely to stay here, creating jobs and supporting local non-profit organizations in its wake.

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From the hyper-focused to the well-rounded—from arts to engineering—education opens the door to possibility. Luckily for us, Bethlehem offers learning opportunities for all, regardless of age, interest, or experience.

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Week of Sunday, July 24, 2016

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Fig Finds

Fig Spotting

Instagram photos tagged #figbethlehem

Drop offs have begun! See you soon! 🌞 #figbethlehem #bethlehem #lovelocal Friends! 
After a long night of website restructuring, I finally have all the photos from my latest exhibition, Faces Of Northampton County, up on the site. So if you were unable to attend the gallery, here's your chance to see my latest project. (Link in profile) My girl @samwaytoheaven and her coffee shop in Fig! (My chalkboard made an appearance too😏) @the_wise_bean (via @repostapp)
New summer issue of @figbethlehem is out!! Stop by the shop for a copy and a cup of coffee today! @samwaytoheaven @nightpr_owl_er #thewisebean #wisebean #bethlehempa #lehighvalley #figbethlehem #coffee #coffeeshop #thecoffeelifestyle #barista #baristalife #cappuccino #latte #tea #smoothie #newstreet #espresso

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