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Discover Bethlehem’s bright ideas for innovation. In a city that uses its rich history to propel it forward, find the sparks of creativity at work. Here’s to your next bright idea!

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Get up, get out, get into town… downtown Bethlehem is the place to be.

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Do you love local? Money spent downtown is more likely to stay here, creating jobs and supporting local non-profit organizations in its wake.

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Foodie Guide:

Food does more than satisfy waiting palates . It brings people together. It creates atmosphere. It enhances celebrations. It honors heritage with traditional dishes, as well as looks to the future with fantastic fusion fare.

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Arts & Culture:

See a play, purchase a painting, catch a concert. Fall in love with arts and culture in the downtown. Support the arts and support a thriving community!

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Services like no other abound from every corner of the city. Pull up, get out, and hand your keys to the BPA. Your beauty's in good hands. Now go have fun!

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From the hyper-focused to the well-rounded—from arts to engineering—education opens the door to possibility. Luckily for us, Bethlehem offers learning opportunities for all, regardless of age, interest, or experience.

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A Great Year:

Working with the great businesses and prominent figures in the City of Lancaster brings about the best loop of images to capture 2014 for us! Enjoy this great video of our greats and outtakes!

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Rainy Monday morning calls for a homemade latte in an Artfully Elegant mug. A great shop for unique, creative gifts and finds. @artfullyelegant #figbethlehem #artfullyelegant #coffee #mug ☕️ To see blog post, follow link in profile. #communityday #pig #farm #bethlehempa #figbethlehem

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