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This summer issue showcases a sampling of what the Bethlehem food scene has to offer. Go out and explore what’s new—I know it will be a delicious experience!

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Get up, get out, get into town… downtown Bethlehem is the place to be.

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Do you love local? Money spent downtown is more likely to stay here, creating jobs and supporting local non-profit organizations in its wake.

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Arts & Culture:

See a play, purchase a painting, catch a concert. Fall in love with arts and culture in the downtown. Support the arts and support a thriving community!

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Services like no other abound from every corner of the city. Pull up, get out, and hand your keys to the BPA. Your beauty's in good hands. Now go have fun!

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Foodie Guide:

Food does more than satisfy waiting palates . It brings people together. It creates atmosphere. It enhances celebrations. It honors heritage with traditional dishes, as well as looks to the future with fantastic fusion fare.

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From the hyper-focused to the well-rounded—from arts to engineering—education opens the door to possibility. Luckily for us, Bethlehem offers learning opportunities for all, regardless of age, interest, or experience.

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1863	The Bethlehem Iron Company, originally founded as the Saucona Iron Company in 1857, opens on this site and makes the first iron rails for the local railroad.
1873	In October, the first steel (for steel rails) is produced on the site.
1899	The Bethlehem Steel Company is established.
1904	The Bethlehem Steel Corporation is officially formed.
1916	Bethlehem Steel becomes the nation’s No. 2 steel manufacturer behind U.S. Steel.
1930	The Chrysler Building in New York (the world’s tallest building for 11 months) is completed. Bethlehem Steel’s wide-flange beams developed two decades earlier, made the skyscraper era possible.
1937	The Golden Gate Bridge is completed. Bethlehem Steel is an integral part of the 83,000 tons of steel used in the project. The awesome orange color that you see here at ArtsQuest Center is the same color used on the Golden Gate Bridge – International Orange.
1943	During World War II, more than 31,000 people – an all-time high – work at the Bethlehem plant.
1968	Madison Square Garden in New York City opens with a salute to the USO starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. In 1966, Bethlehem Steel started producing steel used in the construction of the famous arena.
1995	The Bethlehem plant closes, marking first time in more than 120 years that steel is not made on the site.
2005	On a crisp November day, ArtsQuest, PBS 39, Sands Casino Resort and City of Bethlehem officials gather in the former Bethlehem Steel No. 8 Hammer Shop to announce the SteelStacks arts campus.
2010	In mid-January construction begins on the 65,000-square-foot, four-story ArtsQuest Center. Fifteen months later – in May 2011 – the building opens to public.
2011	The Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks opens in July, followed by PBS 39’s new broadcast center later that summer. The Levitt presents more than 50 free concerts for the community each summer.
2012	The new Bethlehem Visitor Center, located in the 1863 Stock House – the oldest building on the SteelStacks site – opened in October. #SteelStacks #Bethlehempa 🌻 #figbethlehem #sunflowers

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